Write on Saturday, 21 February 2015 Published in Natural Resources
Photo: ZOMO
Myanmar workers operating on the Thai oil rig in Myanmar waters are upset their wages are not on a par with the Thai counterparts. Zawtika rig. Photo: ZOMO

Myanmar workers are preparing to protest over alleged discrimination by Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production Company, according to the Zawtika Offshore Myanmar Organization or ZOMO on February 20.

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Photo: PTTEP

Myanmar workers operating on a Thai PTT Exploration and Production oil and gas drilling platform off the coast of Myanmar have so far failed to come to an agreement with the company over a dispute over wages and conditions, according to a spokesman for the workers.

Write on Tuesday, 03 February 2015 Published in Myanmar
PTTEP's Zawtika processing and living quarters platform used for gas drilling off the Myanmar coast. Photo: PTTEP

Myanmar workers on a Thai joint-venture gas drilling platform allege they are unfairly discriminated against, receiving far lower salaries than their Thai counterparts.

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PTTEP’s Zawtika gas project due to start flowing

The offshore Zawtika project operated by Thai state-owned enterprise PTT Exploration and Production Public Company is due to begin supplying 100 million cubic feet of gas a day to Myanmar, said a PTTEP spokesperson.