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Hpa-an Lodge is a welcome addition to the somewhat limited dining options in the Kayin State capital. There are a number of tea shops and some excellent Thai restaurants on the main road leading to the centre of Hpa-an, but there were just about zero options for upscale restaurants until the Lodge opened last year.

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A new take on some old Myanmar favourites

Photo: Rangoon Teahouse
Photo: H.M.A Photos/Rangoon Teahouse Facebook

It is worth visiting the newly-opened Rangoon Teahouse just to learn the name of your favourite type of Myanmar tea.

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Photo: mgallery.com
Photo: mgallery.com

The first thing you will notice at Primo are the layered teak planks suspended from the ceiling to imitate a ship’s hull. The next feature that will catch your eye at the restaurant in The Lake Garden hotel at Nay Pyi Taw is the open kitchen, a rarity in a restaurant in Myanmar.

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It can depend where you hail from but “gastro” is usually tagged to describe a venue that serves high quality ingredients put together with creative flair in a relaxed setting.

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Yangon's food scene is abuzz over Port Autonomy, Ivan Pun's latest project on Lanthit Jetty. The Brooklyn-hipster inspired restaurant does away with modernity's sharp-edged, clean-lined glass and wood décor, opting instead for a grittier, more rustic vibe of graffiti on metal that seems more honest and low key.

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