09 Apr Clinton, Mitchell appear at ‘The Lady’ screening

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(Mizzima) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Derek Mitchell, who is tipped to be nominated U.S. ambassador to Burma, attended a screening of “The Lady,” a bio-pic of Aung San Suu Kyi, for Washington, D.C., moviegoers on Monday.

Clinton thanked Michelle Yeoh, who played Suu Kyi, and director Luc Besson for getting her a copy of the movie before her historic trip to Burma last December, where she met Suu Kyi.

“This film portrays a woman whose story needs to be in theaters and living rooms across the world,” Clinton said, at the screening organized by the Mation Picture Society of America.

Representative for Burma, Derek Mitchell, is the front-runner to be nominated ambassador to Burma, according to various news reports. Both he and Clinton visited Burma recently.

“I did tell her in one of our recent telephone conversations – she was moving from an icon to a politician. Having made sort of the same journey to some extent, I know that that’s not easy,” Clinton said, according to an article by Agence France Presse on Tuesday.

“Now you go to a Parliament and you start compromising, which is what democracy is all about,” she said.  “But it is part of the commitment you make to a democratic process, even one as fragile as that being embraced by the leadership and the people of Burma.”

“It is something that we enter with our eyes very open, but with our hearts very hopeful,” Clinton said of the U.S. policy of engagement with the former military regime, which moved to a quasi-civilian, elected government a little more than one year ago.