06 Sep Myanmar sets to launch more foreign film festivals to boost cultural exchange

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Myanmar has set to launch more foreign film festivals to boost its cultural exchange with foreign countries, with the European film festival being held next week in Yangon.

 The 11-day film festival, which will be the 22nd and begin on Sept. 12, is organized by the Embassy of France in collaboration with the embassies of Czechoslovakia, Germany, Britain, Israel, Poland and Switzerland.

This year's festival aims to show the diversity of the European cultural wealth through presenting documentaries, animated films and fictions.

Movies from the seven European countries with English subtitles featuring friendship, forgiveness, social and environmental issues, love, sports or music will be screened, giving an insight into European ways of life and thought to the Myanmar audiences.

The films with English subtitles include "The Snows of the Kilimanjaro (France), The Illusionist (France), Barbara ( Germany), You Can't Take the Church Out of the Village (Germany), More Than Honey (Switzerland), Hoselupf (Switzerland), Quartet (Great Britain), You've Been Trumped (Britain), Leaving (Czech Republic), A Wonderful Summer (Poland) and Something Sweet (Israel)" .

The European film festival is held annually in Yangon. The last, which was the 21st, was launched in October last year.

2012's festive event was participated by those European countries that do not yet have embassies in Myanmar. They include Finland and Norway.

The 10 films from a variety of genres feature humor, romance and some tough moral and social choices to Myanmar audiences.

These films with English subtitles include "The Kautokeino Rebellion" from Norway, "Mother of Mine" from Finland, "Almanya: Willkommen in Deutschland" and "Das System" from Germany,"Joueuse" and "Une Vie de Chat" from France, "Vitus" and "Die Herbstzeitlosen" from Switzerland, "Wuthering Heights" and "The Iron Lady(2011)" from

Myanmar also launched similar film festivals of Japan, China and South Korea last year with that of Japan being screened in three main cities -- Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Madalay in August.

Organized by the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Foundation, four Japanese films named Dear Doctor, Double Trouble,Mai Mai Miracle and At River's Edge were screened.

The Japanese film festival was also held annually in Myanmar since 2000.

Significantly, a Chinese movie week festival followed in October under the culture exchange program of Myanmar and China and the activities were joined by a Chinese film delegation involving Xu Fan, the key actress of "Aftershock" which was among the six selected Chinese popular movies screened in the festival.

"Aftershock"  features the story of 1976 Tangshan earthquake and won the highest box office in China.

Myanmar and China have been cooperating in the movie sector with Myanmar films participating in film festivals held annually in China.

The two countries are also cooperating in shooting high standard films in a bid to promote the film industry.

In November last year, the 7th South Korean Film Festival was  introduced in Myanmar and was attended by Korean actor Choung Kyung-ho and actress Chae Jung-an, attracting a large number of Myanmar audiences.

The South Korean film festival has been held in Myanmar since 2006 aimed at strengthening the mutual friendship and boosting cultural exchange between S. Korea and Myanmar.

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