01 Nov Myanmar pledges to do its best in ASEAN leadership role

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Myanmar has pledged to undertake well the leadership role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2014 in gaining the momentum of ASEAN achievements, fulfilling the 2015 ASEAN Community targets and laying down the ASEAN Vision beyond 2015.

President U Thein Sein, at a recent coordination meeting, pledged that the country would strive to ensure peace and prosperity in the ASEAN region as it assumes the ASEAN chair in the year.

2014 is the last year for Myanmar to take necessary preparations for the emergence of ASEAN Community by 2015.

Viewing the taking up of ASEAN chairmanship as a golden opportunity to show its leading role and its dignity in the region and the world at large, the Myanmar government called on the country's people for active participation in it as a national duty.

Myanmar pledged its commitment to trying its best in contributing towards ASEAN Community by taking advantage of the position as a land bridge between ASEAN and its dialogue partners.

It vowed to assume the 2014 ASEAN chairmanship by ensuring the centrality of ASEAN, by obtaining ASEAN consensus and by representing ASEAN in strengthening and promoting  closer relations with external partners.

On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of ASEAN this year, U Thein Sein claimed that the political, economic and social reforms in Myanmar have given the country more opportunity in strengthening the integration with ASEAN member states in the ASEAN Community.

The people-centered democracy in Myanmar, which is in line with the ASEAN Charter, has facilitated the economic development of the country and accordingly helped increase the social status of the people, he said, adding that Myanmar's efforts to implement the ASEAN Community Blueprints have positive effects on the country's political, economic and social objectives.

He stressed the vital importance of Myanmar people's willingness and participation to strive for a modern and developed nation and to achieve the goals of ASEAN Community.

On Nov. 17, 2011, ASEAN leaders approved Myanmar at a summit to gain the ASEAN chairmanship for 2014, which was handed over to Myanmar from Brunei on Oct. 10 this year at the 23rd ASEAN Summit held in Bandar Seri Begawan.

It will be the very first time for Myanmar since its joining of the grouping in 1997 to assume the regional leadership starting Jan. 1, 2014.

During Myanmar's one-year term of ASEAN chairmanship, more than 240 regional meetings are scheduled to be held in the country's Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan.

ASEAN adopted its Vision-2020 in 1997 and is striving to establish the ASEAN Community in 2015.

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