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Luxury complex architect aims at "least impact" on Shwedagon

Alex Lau, a veteran architect of high-end developments in Hong Kong, China, North America, and South-East Asia, is leading the design work on a luxury complex scheduled to appear on the Yangon skyline, near the landmark Shwedagon Pagoda, in 2019. The deputy managing director of the Wong Tung Group of Companies, based in Hong Kong, is no stranger to Yangon having previously worked on the Sule Shangri-La Hotel (formerly Traders). The Wong Tung Group of Companies has also undertaken the design of the Lakeside Shangri-La Hotel rimming Kandawgyi Lake, set to open in 2017.

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“I tend to avoid famous artists because they already have a market. But if an artist is very talented and influential in terms of having their illustrations widely published in journals, but has never cracked the art market – I will go for that.” Photo: Jessica Mudditt

New directions in the Myanmar art market

U Aung Soe Min is the owner and founder of Yangon's Pansodan Gallery, which showcases the country’s most eclectic collection of fine art. He spoke to Mizzima Business Weekly about recent developments in the art market and why he'd rather promote individual talent than an artistic trend.

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Dutch minister sees big opportunities for water management expertise

The Dutch have fought the sea for centuries and are considered to be specialists in water management. The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, visited Myanmar from June 3 to 5 with a delegation that included hydrologists and water engineering companies. An integrated national water resources study sponsored by the Netherlands will be completed in November. Mizzima Business Weekly’s Hans Hulst spoke to Mrs Schultz van Haegen at Yangon International Airport.

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Sally Bamford is an art historian who lives in Sydney, Australia.  She is researching how Myanmar's nats are represented in art for a PhD from the Australian National University in Canberra.  Ms Bamford has been interested in the nats since her first visit to Myanmar in 1995, when she was given a Thagyamin nat puppet for her birthday.  She returns to Myanmar two or three times a year for research and to visit friends. Mizzima Business Weekly's Geoffrey Goddard spoke to Sally Bamford about her research and began by asking an obvious question.

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Family-owned German company, Mörk, is exploring opportunities in Myanmar for its energy efficient clean water technology.

Based at Leonberg, near Stuttgart, and with about 80 employees and branches in Australia, Tanzania and now, Myanmar, Mörk specialised in architecture and property development before expanding into renewable energy.

Mizzima Business Weekly's Matthew Roebuck spoke to Adam Leddy, the director, Asia-Pacific, of Mörk Water Solutions, about doing business in Myanmar.

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A young entrepreneur’s passion for antique textiles

Emy Lun, 33, has been running her one-woman Chin textile dealership, Lun, since 2003. Through frequent trips to Kalaymyo in Sagaing Region – a hub for weavers and textiles shops which is connected by road to Tiddim in Chin State – Ms Lun has acquired an impressive collection of antique textiles, including tunics, blankets, headbands and bags. She has travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Germany to sell textiles. Mizzima Business Weekly’s Portia Larlee spoke to Ms Lun about going into business as a woman in Myanmar and her interest in antique textiles.